Adolescent & Teenagers

An indication of learning
difficulties in adolescents would be poor grades or standardized test scores.  If a child is failing significantly in math, English, writing or language
skills, there could be a language deficit. Academic testing will reveal the
child’s function on an age-equivalent level. Any discrepancies will reveal
possible weaknesses in the child’s ability to comprehend and utilize functional language skills.

Verbal Expressions we can test your child for any language deficits and prescribe effective therapy. 
We can provide a variety of professional services geared toward helping children develop effective communication skills. Our services include; Aiding children with articulation and phonological disorders, stuttering, enhance-language fundamentals and concepts that are essential for early childhood development. 


Verbal Expressions, Inc

​There can be many forms of language deficits and reasons for adults. At Verbal Expressions, Inc. we treat stroke and accident victims, language barriers and the effects of degenerative diseases. Speech therapy is often recommended for stroke survivors who have a communication disorder known as aphasia, which refers to difficulty producing or processing language. We also offer therapy to adults with Cerebral Palsy, stuttering and other functional speech disorders. People who have had speech therapy from a speech-language pathologist report a greater degree of success than other alternative treatments, such as medication and assistive devices