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A child with a learning disability will have problems in some but not all academic skill areas. The learning disability may be reflected in the child’s oral expression, listening comprehension, mathematics calculation, or mathematics reasoning. A child cannot learn to read and write fluently if the native language has not been learned adequately. There are few academic subjects a child can learn without reading and understanding or tests that can be passed without writing or expressing knowledge by using language. Speech-language pathologists, in cooperation with other specialists in the school system, deal with students for whom language and communication are the major problems.​  

You should involve a speech-language pathologist if your child has the following difficulties, regardless of the particular subject:

Grammar hard to understand; take too long to process information;Unable to follow a conversation/directions welll; can’t remember what people tell them
Trouble thinking of the right word; problems forming a full sentence; problems expressing a complete idea; constantly reformulating sentences; • Problems organizing their thoughts
Poor use of grammar words/spelling; problems linking ideas in paragraphs; paragraphs go off on tangents; vague references; unable to write logical essays
Take too long to read information; can’t “read between the lines;” unable to make sense of book; difficulty understanding test questions; difficulty sounding out words